We're sponsorship and brand engagement specialists.


Are you a brand or business?

Conjure finds the right opportunities or properties for your organization to sponsor and with whom to partner. We ensure the event property's values are "real" and market-appropriate and the event producers have a solid reputation for delivering and fulfilling what they promise and what you need. We develop smart and meaningful event engagement to help you meet your marketing needs and execute your vision.

Are you an event producer or creator?

We help events find the right sponsors and partners to improve the overall event experience and uncover revenue to ensure that your event is a success.  It’s our job to know and understand what brands and businesses are looking to sponsor specific types of events.  And, it's our job to be in-the-know about which brands are launching new products and who their audience is. We know the market and we connect brands with the right events.

We are creative!

Whether we’re working with your organization to source sponsors for your events or to ensure your brand sponsors the best fit events, creativity matters. Some of our best work is the creative ideas we generate to ensure that magic happens. We bring creative ways to meet your marketing needs and innovative fulfillment ideas to the table. We will conjure up ideas that connect your business, in a unique way, with your target audience.